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HOA & Property Management

Owned and Operated by a Local Firefighter

Why Askew Real Estate for HOA and Property Management?

  • 24/7 Availability;
  • Fixed Costs / NO extra fees;
  • Transparency;
  • Individual Residential Property Management;
  • VIP Rates for residential services;
  • Board meeting room availability at no additional charge;
  • Creation of a Profitable Pool of Renters; and so much more…

“I’ve lived in many HOAs and have always paid extra fees for each management service.  Askew Real Estate does it all for a flat rate.”

Tuesday G., Property Owner

“Askew Real Estate gives us excellent financial reporting, general guidance and are a pleasure to work with.  I recommend their services wholeheartedly.”

Bruce M., Board VP

“Askew Real Estate works with the Board in a manner that allows us to all to work together respectfully and effectively.  They are available for urgent and emergency matters 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.”

Denise G., Board President

 Volusia County Florida

How Can We Help?

ASKEW REAL ESTATE is rooted in both family and professionalism, and we continue to grow and bring innovation to the industry.  We know we can make a difference for you as evidenced by our success of 50+ combined years of experience; and our knowledge comes from managing 35+ homeowners associations with numerous properties, many with longevity measured by years. We know your association is unique and we will tailor our management approach to you.