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Askew Real Estate’s Story

A couple years ago, I got the old family itch, and realized I wanted to get into real estate as a real professional. I saw all the development and growth going on in the area, and since Mom still has her broker’s license, I got my real estate license and did that on the side for two years. And just like she has always done, she’s been teaching me everything I need to know about real estate development.

Of course, Askew Real Estate does the standard buying, selling, and listing of properties, but we also handle property management which is the future of real estate right now.

We also have a land acquisition department with engineers, developers, architects, and contractors where we work on large developments, such as student housing, subdivisions, and commercial building projects. We maximize land usage for companies, and can serve as a consultant for them. We buy the land, sell it to national home builders, multi-family dwelling builders, or whatever the project may be.

I love the interaction and networking involved in real estate development — meeting people, hearing their stories, and learning about their projects. I’m fascinated by being able to connect people together and seeing what can be done with raw land, developing it, and seeing cities form and thrive on it. I love seeing people move into a city and watch how they make it grow with their personalities and vision.

We’re a family business, but our goals and aspirations are huge. We treat everyone like family, but we’re not content with just being a small town business; we want to make a name for ourselves here as a company that helps people meet their goals and put together a deal that can help everyone involved.

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Chris Askew’s Story

“If you are always doing right, you will never be wrong.” This is the philosophy that guides Christopher Askew in business and in life. “I believe in working hard, respecting what you do and who you do it with,” says Christopher. “In acting this way, I have built some of the strongest and most trusting relationships in my life.”

With the understanding that real estate is, at its’ heart, a relationship business, Christopher is dedicated to his clients on a level rarely seen in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive market. His exceptional negotiating skills coupled with his full-service approach, outgoing personality and ability to handle any situation with ease make him a sought-after advocate for clients looking to buy, sell or invest. There is no negotiation out of reach for Christopher and his large network of resources across the industry that are always ready to assist are a testament to his local reach and stellar reputation.

Today, Christopher leads the team at Askew Real Estate and together, with over 50 years combined experience, they are a full-service team who work around the clock for their clients, ensuring that they are happy with their end result and that the process is stress-free and enjoyable. Never losing sight of the nuances of the changing market, they are well-versed in the demands of the evolving real estate landscape and are equally as in-tune with the needs of the millennial generation to those moving into the retirement phase of life and everyone in between. Experts in sales, leasing and property management, they support all critical real estate, financial, legal and reporting services in a proactive and hands-on manner. Their marketing efforts provide a competitive edge in a market that is driven by social media, visual presentation and community outreach… all things that Christopher utilizes to create the greatest exposure for their clients. Christopher even has his own drone!

In addition to his real estate career, Christopher is a licensed insurance agent, firefighter, paramedic, rescue diver, nitrox diver and NAUI dive master. He has performed ocean rescues and fought fires. Christopher’s dedication to help others is inherent and he treats his real estate clients with the same respect and care that he brings to all of life’s endeavors. Accustomed to working with all personality types, Christopher has an eye for what makes people tick and the seemingly innate ability to remain calm in any situation. His large and growing client list, repeat and referral business are just a few examples of how his professionalism and business savvy provide a stress-free experience for each person that he works with.

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Colleen Kurczi’s Story

Dedication to her clients, timely results and patient and transparent service are the driving forces behind Collen Kurczi’s highly successful business approach.

“I always lend an empathetic ear to my clients,” says Colleen. “Listening to understand their needs and not making promises that I cannot keep ensure that I build trust and relationships that last far beyond the closing table. My clients are of the utmost importance to me and I take pride in handling the details so that they can focus on what is most important to them… finding the perfect home.”

Beginning her career in Customer Service, Colleen spent several years as a property manager and landlord and is keenly tuned in to her clients wants and needs. Effective communication and a friendly and approachable demeanor allow her to truly get to know her clients, offering them peace of mind and taking the stress out of the transaction. Always available for her clients, she is a trusted advocate for her clients, treating each deal as if it were her own. Her results-driven approach is tailored to each client’s individual needs, with the ever-changing market conditions at the forefront of her mind.

As a work-from-home mom, Colleen successfully earned her real estate license while caring for her preschool-aged children and caring for her tenants. She enjoys giving back to her community and developed and co-chaired a successful fundraiser for a local non-profit organization last Spring. First-time buyers to those looking to downsize or find their dream home can rest assured that Colleen will work tirelessly to meet their goals. A self-proclaimed “people person”, she loves meeting new people and getting to know them through their stories and experiences.

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Lenore Bentley’s Story

Lenore Bentley is a seasoned real estate professional whose professional approach is firmly rooted in honesty, integrity and the art of relationship building. While helping her clients realize their real estate goals, she strives to create a stress-free experience for anyone looking for their first home or their dream home.

With more than 15 years’ experience as a licensed mortgage broker, Lenore’s comprehensive knowledge of the details that are required to make a successful transaction happen is second-to-none. Her ability to educate her clients while keeping them abreast of the changes in the marketplace ensures that they are well-informed with the most current information throughout the process. Working with buyers, sellers and investors, she expertly guides them through the real estate deal from initial meeting to closing.

Well-respected by clients and colleagues alike, she is known for her hands-on approach and attention to detail. Perhaps above all, Lenore enjoys getting to know her clients while truly listening to their expectations to pair them with the perfect property, ensuring the highest possible return on their investment dollars. Her growing list of referrals and repeat clientele is a testament to her ability to create and maintain relationships that last far beyond the closing table. At the end of the day, seeing her clients happy with their end result is Lenore’s biggest reward.

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Jeanne Askew’s Story

The joy of finding the perfect home has been the driving force behind Jeanne Askew’s more than 40 years’ experience in the real estate sector. “I know how much it meant to me when I first found my first home,” says Jeanne. “Helping others realize the same excitement is the true reward that I get from this business.”

Beginning her career in Property Management, Jeanne has built a long and proven track record in sales and management. Her comprehensive knowledge and client-centered approach has led to notable, and lengthy, projects including a time share in the Florida Keys where she handled the sales, rentals and operations for 20 years and another 14 years working as a key team member for a luxury condominium in Orlando. This longevity speaks to not only her expertise when delivering on sales profitability, but also her natural ability to work well with all personality types, lead by example and instill loyalty among her team and confidence among her clients.

Today, Jeanne’s tenacious nature and knack for creative problem-solving are helping clients across Central Florida find the perfect opportunity to reach their real estate investment goals. Whether a client is looking for their first home, retirement home, waterfront estate, luxury condominium or vacation rental, Jeanne is the perfect advocate for her clients. With a wide breadth of knowledge about every facet of the real estate transaction, she takes care of everything from the initial search to the closing. From the costs associated with buying or selling a home to details of an HOA, market trends and even the details of the loan process, she provides a full-service experience for each client that she works with. Clients looking to relocate will find that she is an invaluable source of information for their unique needs.

At the end of the day, Jeanne proudly provides her clients with the best solutions and takes pride in building trustworthy relationships that last beyond the real estate transaction because, after all, real estate is more than a sale or purchase, but an expression of a lifestyle.